Advice on Preparing Dossiers

Faculty Affairs offers workshops on dossier preparation for candidates of all tracks as well as review committees, department heads, chairs or directors. Please see our link here for information on upcoming workshops in the next year, as well as materials and resources from previous workshops:

Tips on Documentation of Scholarly Activity

Each discipline has their own norms to represent scholarly activity; thus, the first step for candidates is to work closely with mentors within their department and mentors across the nation/globe within their field.


We strongly encourage candidates to clearly distinguish between work that is already published, work that is currently in press, work that is under review, and work that is in progress (not submitted yet).  We encourage everyone to read and follow the advice from the following websites:

A specific and relevant definition on forthcoming material and in press is provided here for clarity:

  • “Forthcoming material consists of journal articles or books accepted for publication but not yet published.
  • "Forthcoming" has replaced the former "in press" because changes in the publishing industry make the latter term obsolete.

Do not include as forthcoming those articles that have been submitted for publication but have not yet been accepted for publication. Note that some publishers will not accept references to any form of unpublished items in a reference list.”


We strongly encourage candidates to clearly distinguish between grants that are currently funded, previously funded, currently under review, or previously submitted. We encourage candidates to clarify the following information when reporting grants: type of grant (internal or external), source of funding, candidates role (e.g. Principal Investigator, Co-Investigator, consultant), as well as % effort on the grant, direct and indirect funding totals, and title of the grant.