Faculty Reports and Data

Faculty 2019-2020 Demographics and 9 Year Equity Gap Analysis Between Faculty and Students

This report describes faculty composition trends from 2019-2020 and includes a nine-year equity gap representation analysis for sex (male/female) and race/ethnicity. The purpose of this report is to understand the current demographics of faculty by identified equity features within higher education. In addition, we hope that this report will be used to inform and guide future hiring practices to increase diverse representation among faculty.

This report summarizes institutional data on full-time faculty at the University of Arizona to better understand faculty composition trends over time and in relation to student demographics. Faculty demographics are self-reported in UAccess Employee and collected during the annual fall workforce snapshot each academic year. Faculty can go into their personal information on UAccess Employee at any time to check or change their self-reported sex or race/ethnicity. Additional questions on this report can be sent to Faculty Affairs at facultyaffairs@email.arizona.edu(link sends e-mail).

Faculty data come from the Faculty Affairs Dashboard in UAnalytics based on the workforce census snapshot taken in early October. Human Resources currently only includes male/female designation for sex; however, there are efforts underway to offer more inclusive categories to represent sex/gender identification. These counts may be larger than UAIR Interactive Fact Book figures which exclude continuing status faculty. Department heads are included in these counts, while faculty in primarily administrative roles are excluded.

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