Faculty Reports and Data

Faculty 2019-2020 Demographics and 9 Year Equity Gap Analysis Between Faculty and Students

This report describes faculty composition trends from 2019-2020 and includes a nine-year equity gap representation analysis for sex (male/female) and race/ethnicity. The purpose of this report is to understand the current demographics of faculty by identified equity features within higher education. In addition, we hope that this report will be used to inform and guide future hiring practices to increase diverse representation among faculty.

This report summarizes institutional data on full-time faculty at the University of Arizona to better understand faculty composition trends over time and in relation to student demographics. Faculty demographics are self-reported in UAccess Employee and collected during the annual fall workforce snapshot each academic year. Faculty can go into their personal information on UAccess Employee at any time to check or change their self-reported sex or race/ethnicity. Additional questions on this report can be sent to Faculty Affairs at facultyaffairs@email.arizona.edu(link sends e-mail).

Faculty data come from the Faculty Affairs Dashboard in UAnalytics based on the workforce census snapshot taken in early October. Human Resources currently only includes male/female designation for sex; however, there are efforts underway to offer more inclusive categories to represent sex/gender identification. These counts may be larger than UAIR Interactive Fact Book figures which exclude continuing status faculty. Department heads are included in these counts, while faculty in primarily administrative roles are excluded.

Read the Report on Faculty 2019-2020 Demographics and 9 Year Equity Gap Analysis Between Faculty and Students

Salary Equity Review for Tenure / Tenure Eligible Faculty

The University of Arizona is deeply committed to paying comparable salaries for comparable work for all of its employees, regardless of gender, race and ethnicity. Accordingly, we have recently completed a comprehensive review of base salary among tenured and tenure-eligible (T/TE) faculty. To begin, we engaged an external law firm and further retained a nationally recognized labor economist to guide a legal review of compensation of T/TE faculty, from which no findings were found of systemic issues in compensation with respect to gender or race / ethnicity. Upon conclusion of that review we reviewed base salaries at the unit-level to ascertain through near-peer comparisons if there are instances of salary disparities that could not reasonably be attributed to performance or some other legitimate, non-discriminatory, factor. The near-peer comparison process revealed instances of correctable salary disparities which have been addressed by making adjustments in 12.1% of cases, totaling $885,659, equivalent to an approximate 0.5% increase in the total salary pool for this faculty population.  The notices of salary adjustments were issued to affected faculty directly during the week of 9 March 2020.  We are working towards similar reviews of salary among career track and continuing status faculty in the near future.

Read the Report on 2020 Salary Equity Review Tenure/Tenure Eligible Faculty

Reporting on workforce race/ethnicity and new My UAccess Details dashboard

The 2020 workforce snapshot was taken on Thursday, October 1st, and is now available in UAccess Analytics and Interactive Fact Book (Workforce Demographics, Faculty Demographics, Faculty Tenure). In light of this update, we would like to share details about a new dashboard we have developed as well as some updates to reporting on workforce race/ethnicity.

In response to an evolving national and campus conversation about race and racial inequities in higher education, University Analytics and Institutional Research has taken on the challenge of thinking more deeply about the ethical impact of our work. As a result, UAIR participated in discussions around prioritizing the ethical and transparent use of data across UArizona that took place in the “Achieving Racial Equality in Research” working group assembled by Senior Vice President Cantwell. One outcome of these discussions is My UAccess Details, a new dashboard available in UAccess Analytics that will make it easier for individual University of Arizona employees to identify what personal information about them is stored in the UAccess Employee system and how to change or update it.

UAIR have also considered reporting structures for race/ethnicity and have decided to take the same approach for workforce as they did for students during the recent fall 2020 snapshot.  

Please read the UAIR Memo - Workforce Census Data 2020 - for complete detail of this update.

COVID-19 Check-In Survey Report: Faculty and Instructors Spring 2020

In response to the COVID-19 global pandemic, the University of Arizona asked faculty and instructors to move all teaching to remote learning in March 2020. Faculty and instructors were given only a brief period to adapt their classes, and were asked to work from home. In order to understand the impact of the pandemic context on faculty and instructors’ activity a survey was distributed by the Office of the Provost during the last week of April 2020 to all faculty and Spring 2020 instructors. Both qualitative and quantitative survey questions were adapted from a national survey on remote teaching, as well as including items developed specific to COVID-19 work experiences.

1,885 faculty and instructors participated in the survey with questions about COVID-19 teaching and their work experiences. Participants represented tenure-track (40%), career-track (23%), adjunct/visiting (7%), continuing status (0.7%), graduate students (4%), and staff (2%). 23.3% of respondents did not indicate their employment category.

Read the COVID-19 Check-In Survey Report: Faculty and Instructors Spring 2020.

Access the COVID-19 Check-In Survey Report: Faculty and Instructors Spring 2020 Summary presentation

Watch the Key Takeaways from the COVID-19 Check-In Survey

Financial Sustainability Taskforce 

The University of Arizona has deployed the Financial Sustainability Taskforce in response to the evolving crisis with COVID-19, with diverse and wide-ranging input from across the UArizona campus community. The Taskforce continues to determine the effects of COVID-19 on various aspects of the university operations, and make recommendations to the UArizona president for actions that will ensure the university is able to Finance the Mission for the near and long term.

The Taskforce has gathered some resources and information that may be of assistance to our community in better understanding our position and the efforts being undertaken to support the University. In the Box folder, find data on tuition, faculty, and Athletics; the presentation materials from the Division & College Town Halls; and other information.

Access the Financial Sustainability Taskforce Box Materials. These resources require NetID login to access the Box folder.