Since 1996, HeadsUP (Heads Engaged in Advancing Departmental Strategies through Unifying Paradigms), HeadsNetwork, and other initiatives have served Heads, Chairs, and Directors on campus. The operational framework agreed upon about 10 years ago still guides the organizations role and activities. 

The purpose of HeadsUp is to provide a forum for established and new Heads of Academic Units to do the following:

  • Share wisdom, experience, and ideas with the aim to solve problems
  • Strengthen leadership
  • Provide a vital voice to the administration
  • Promote effective communication
  • Build a sense of community at The University of Arizona

The Steering Committee oversees the HeadsNETWORK, which is comprised of four program areas:

  • HeadsUP: The purpose of HeadsUP is to represent and advocate for Heads at the University.
    • HeadsUP members include Heads; Affiliate members include Heads’ support staff, administrators with interest in the work of Heads, and persons interested in developing an administrative career.
  • HeadsMENTORINGThe purpose of HeadsMENTORING is to create a culture of career support between Heads at different career stages.
  • NewHEADSThe purpose of NewHEADS is to nurture and train Heads in the first of their headship.
  • HeadsED: The purpose of HeadsEd is to nurture and develop Heads' administrative abilities throughout their headships.