About Promotion


Promotion and Tenure
University of Arizona faculty that are tenure-eligible faculty are hired as tenure-track faculty and must demonstrate a promise of excellent performance in teaching, service and research to receive tenure.

Continuing Status & Promotion 
University of Arizona professionals that are continuing eligible require excellent performance and the promise of continued excellence to receive continuing status.

Off-cycle Review of Promotion and Tenure or Continuing Status
In exceptional circumstances it may be necessary for departments and colleges to review cases for promotion and tenure/continuing status and promotion outside the normal University review schedule.

Career-Track Faculty
Career-track faculty members have lecturer, instructor or professor in their titles.

Promotion Resources
See the promotion workshop schedule here.

Probationary Faculty
Probationary Faculty are faculty on the Tenure Eligible or Continuing Eligible tracks prior to receiving tenure or continuing status. Probationary appointments are for one year and shall not be renewed as a tenure-eligible or continuing-eligible appointment more than six successive times. To extend the probationary period, see clock delays.