Sabbatical Leave Application and Review

Sabbatical leave may be granted within the discretion of the administration to eligible individuals with tenure or continuing status, who served on full-time continuous fiscal or academic year appointments for a period of not less than six years. Time served in excess of six years may not be accumulated toward future sabbaticals.  (Refer to UHAP 8.03.02.)
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Purpose of Sabbatical Leave

The purpose of sabbatical leave is to provide faculty members the opportunity to make advances in their profession, to remain effective in their current positions, and to render the greatest possible service to the University of Arizona.  Applicants who have demonstrated sufficient evidence of scholarship, present a clear and well-conceived proposal, and who do not intend to be involved in paid outside activities (such as employment or consultancy) to an extent that will unduly interfere with the execution of the sabbatical objective are seriously considered.

What to Include

Complete the application form for sabbatical leave (.docx), print, and obtain the required signatures.  Also include:

  • A description of the proposed program for the sabbatical.  Include the goals to be attained, travel plans, and the benefits to the applicant and the university.
  • Travel plans that state whether additional trips will be required once the individual reaches the sabbatical destination.  Documentation needs to specify how the trip(s) are related to the sabbatical research, whether reimbursement will be requested from the department by the individual, what the estimated cost will be of all travel plans, and what the source of all of the funds will be.
  • A Curriculum Vitae not to exceed ten pages.  Follow the format for promotion, with the emphasis on material for the last six years. 
  • The department head's evaluation.
  • At least one additional letter of evaluation should accompany the application to the college’s or vice president’s advisory committee.

Sabbatical Leave Instructions

Sabbatical leave proposals are reviewed annually for sabbaticals to be taken in the following academic year.   Required application forms are available from your college dean or vice president’s office and must follow university policies and procedures. Each college or vice-presidential unit must appoint an advisory committee of at least three people to review the application. The final approval occurs in the college/vice presidential area.  A candidate whose sabbatical proposal is rejected by the dean/vice president has the right to appeal to the Provost's Sabbatical Leave Advisory Committee.  A list (see here for the template) of all faculty members approved or denied sabbatical leave must be sent to the Office of the Provost in January.  Email the list to Kim Rogan at Include employee IDs and dates.

The Sabbatical Report

At the end of the second semester following a sabbatical leave, faculty are to submit a report to their department head and dean or vice president. The sabbatical report will be in two parts.

  • Provide the objectives and results of the sabbatical project.  If the objectives of the original sabbatical project have changed, provide an explanation.  This section of the report will be used by the dean's/vice president's office to compile a summary report on all sabbaticals and their results within the college to be distributed to the faculty of the college/vice presidential area. The report also will be used by the head and dean as part of the normal annual performance review of the succeeding year.
  • Summarize the results of the sabbatical project and how they are of interest to the general public.  The dean or vice president will submit the report to the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs for review in January.

Taking Leave to Teach at Another University

It is not permissible for full-time (0.51 FTE or greater) University Employees to be simultaneously employed by more than one postsecondary institution. See UHAP 2.06.06Conflicts of Interest and Commitment (Interim) Policy and Guidance for Consulting or Employment at Other Postsecondary Institutions.


For more information about sabbatical leave, contact the Office of the Provost at (520)626-0202 or visit the FAQs on the Human Resources website.


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