About Our Office

Our Mission Statement

Our mission in Faculty Affairs is to cultivate institutional structures for faculty advancement across the career lifespan. We take an ecosystem equity approach across all system levels that considers (1) recruitment (2) professional advancement, and (3) retention. Our work is grounded in an affirming, transparent, and inclusive approach to supporting faculty. ​

  • Inclusion
  • Recruitment​
  • Professional Advancement​
  • Retention

Our Vision Statement

  • To nurture a humanistic approach to faculty activity that fosters excellence, equity and impact. ​
  • We aspire to high levels of accountability, efficiency, and transparency.​
  • To promote understanding of the role and contributions of faculty​.
  • To adhere to the fundamental values of our land grant institution and R1 status. 

Systemic Approach to Inclusive Scholarship Shifts in Promotion

Systemic Approach to Inclusive Scholarship Shifts

Equity Strategies Across Career-Life Span

It is important to acknowledge that there are still gaps in diverse representation, access and inclusion at each stage of the faculty career. We describe here the goals for each stage to improve equity and then a list of current tactics to help reach the goal. 

Equity Strategies

Faculty Affairs Organization Chart

Organization Chart 11.21