Post-Tenure Reviews

In the early fall of each year, a memorandum is sent to Academic Deans to initiate the post-tenure review process in the colleges. During this Dean's Level Audit, the dean of each college and their appointed committee review a sufficient number of tenured faculty in order to ensure that over a maximum of five years all tenured faculty are reviewed. Results of the Dean’s Level Audit are due in the Office of the Provost by TBA.

Outcomes of Annual Review

  • If overall performance is satisfactory or better, faculty remain in the regular annual performance review process.
  • If overall performance is satisfactory with a deficiency in a single area of performance, faculty enter into a Faculty Development Plan at the unit level.
  • If overall performance is unsatisfactory this results in faculty entering a Performance Improvement Plan.


2021 PTR PT I & II

Post-tenure Review Report Part I & II

2021 PTR PT III A & B

Post-tenure Review Report Part III A & B