Post-Tenure Reviews

In accordance with UHAP 3.2.06, in the early fall of each year a communication is sent to Academic Deans to initiate the post-tenure review process in the colleges. During this Dean's Level Audit, the dean of each college and their appointed committee review a sufficient number of tenured faculty in order to ensure that over a maximum of five years all tenured faculty are reviewed. Results of the Dean’s Level Audit are due in the Office of the Provost by Thursday, November 30, 2023.

Outcomes of Annual Review

  • If overall performance is satisfactory or better, faculty remain in the regular annual performance review process.
  • If overall performance is satisfactory with a deficiency in a single area of performance, faculty enter into a Faculty Development Plan at the unit level.
  • If overall performance is unsatisfactory this results in faculty entering a Performance Improvement Plan.

Forms (2023 forms for reviews conducted in 2022 will be uploaded soon)

2022 PTR PT I & II (for reviews conducted in 2021)

Post-Tenure Review Report Part I & II

2022 PTR PT III A & B (for reviews conducted in 2021)

Post-tenure Review Report Part III A & B.