Promotion Dossier Templates

Promotion policies and procedures are thoughtfully supervised under the direction of the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs. University of Arizona appointed personnel that are on the career, continuing or tenure track are hired as faculty or continuing academic professionals. These employees demonstrate a promise of excellent performance in teaching, service, and research.  Within these general guidelines, promotion criteria are to be developed by the faculty members, continuing academic professionals, and the head or director in each department, and approved by and filed with the dean and the Provost.

Policies (UHAP 3.3 or 4A.3)

Each department and college establish a standing committee on faculty status to advise the department head and dean before the recommendations are routed to the University standing committee and the Office of the Provost. Promotion and/or tenure decisions of faculty shall involve the following levels of review:

  • Departmental Standing Advisory Committee on Faculty Status 
  • Department Head
  • College Standing Advisory Committee on Faculty Status
  • Dean of College
  • University Advisory Committee on Continuing Status and Promotion (UACCSP) OR 
    University Advisory Committee on Promotion and Tenure (UACPT)
    • Career-track promotions are not reviewed by a university-level committee.
  • Provost

2022-2023 Promotion Dossier Templates:

  1. 2022-2023 Guide to the Promotion Process for Continuing Status and Tenure-Track Faculty
    • Tenure-track and Continuing-track submission deadline is Friday, January 20, 2023. 
  2. 2022-2023 Guide to Career-Track Promotion
    • Career-track submission deadline is Friday, December 9th, 2022. 
Section# Title (PDF) Career Track Promotion Continuing Status & Promotion Promotion & Tenure
Section 1 Summary Data Sheet   2022-23_01_CT_ Summary Data Sheet_0.pdf  2022-23_01_CSP_ Summary Data Sheet_0.pdf  2022-23_01_PT_Summary Data Sheet_0.pdf
Section 2

Summary of Candidate's Workload Assignment (Word document)  

​​​​​​    2022-23_CT_CSP_PT_Workload Assignment_.pdf

            2A Pandemic Impact Statement 2022-23_02A_CT_CSP_PT_Pandemic Impact Statement.pdf
Section 3 Departmental & College Criteria  2022-23_03_CT_Criteria.pdf  2022-23_03_CSP_Criteria.pdf  2022-23_03_PT_Criteria.pdf
Section 4 Curriculum Vitae   2022-23_04_CT_PT_Curriculum Vitae_0.pdf  2022-23_04_CSP_Curriculum Vitae.pdf  2022-23_04_CT_PT_Curriculum Vitae_0.pdf
             4A List of Collaborators (Table for List .xlsx)

 2022-23_04A_CT_PT_ List of Collaborators.pdf

 2022-23_04A_CSP_ List of Collaborators.pdf

 2022-23_04A_CT_PT_ List of Collaborators.pdf

             4B Representative Work  2022-23_04B_CT_PT_Representative Work.pdf  2022-23_04B_CSP_Representative Work.pdf  2022-23_04B_CT_PT_Representative Work.pdf
Section 5 Candidate Statement  2022-23_05_CT_CSP_PT_Candidate Statement.pdf  2022-23_05_CT_CSP_PT_Candidate Statement.pdf  2022-23_05_CT_CSP_PT_Candidate Statement.pdf
Section 6 Teaching Portfolio and Resources  2022-23_06_CT_CSP_PT_Teaching Portfolio & Resources.pdf
             6A Information on Teaching and Advising
(List of Courses .xlsx)
(Mentoring Table .xlsx)
 2022-23_06A_CT_CSP_PT_Information on Teaching & Advising.pdf
             6B Supporting Documentation

 2022-23_06B_CT_CSP_PT_Supporting Documentation.pdf

Section 7 Portfolio for Leadership, Extension, Service or Innovation

 2022-23_07_CT_CSP_PT_Portfolio for LESI_0.pdf

             7A Overview Description and Assessment  2022-23_07A_CT_CSP_PT_LESI_OverviewAssessment.pdf
             7B Supplementary Documentation  2022-23_B_CT_CSP_PT_Supplementary Documentation.pdf
Section 8 GIDP Membership and Description of Contributions  2022-23_08_Memberships in GIDPs.pdf
8A GIDP Evaluations (Chair and Dept/Unit Committee)  2022-23_08A_GIDP Evaluation.pdf
Section 9

Peer Observation and Provost Award for Innovations in Teaching (PAIT) Nomination
PAIT Criteria

 2022-23_09_CT_CSP_PT_Peer Observation and Provost Award Nomination_0.pdf
Section 10 Letters from Independent External Reviewers and Collaborators

2022-23_10_CT_CSP_PT_Letters from Independent External Reviewers and Collaborators_0.pdf

2022-23_10_CT_CSP_PT_Worksheet for Selection of Independent External Reviewers PT1.xlsx

2022-23_10_CT_CSP_PT_Collaborators Brief Bio Template.pdf

2022-23_10_CT_CSP_PT_Worksheet for Selection of Independent External Reviewers PT2_1.pdf 

2022-23_10_CT_CSP_PT_Independent External Reviewer Brief Bio Template.pdf

2022-23_10_CT_CSP_PT_Worksheet for Solicited Collaborators


Independent External Letters

 2022-23_A_CT_CSP_PT_Independent External Reviewers_0.pdf
             10B Collaborator and Other Letters  2022-23_CT_CSP_PT_Collaborators and Other Letters.pdf
Section 11 Internal Evaluations  2022-23_CT_Internal Evaluations.pdf  2022-23_CSP_Internal Evaluations.pdf  2022-23_PT_Internal Evaluations.pdf
Appendix A Checklist for Shared Appointments  2022-23_AppendixA_CT_CSP_PT_Checklist for Shared Appointments_0.pdf
Appendix B Sample of Department Criteria  2022-23_AppendixB_CT_Criteria Table Template.docx 2022-23_AppendixB_PT_CSP_Criteria Table Template.docx 2022-23_AppendixB_PT_CSP_Criteria Table Template.docx
Appendix C Guidelines for Acknowledgment and Evaluation of Faculty Participation in Graduate Interdisciplinary Program Activities 2022-23_AppendixC_CT_CSP_PT_GIDP Interdisciplinary Activities.pdf
Appendix D

Required Template Letter to Independent External Reviewers

2022-23 AppendixD CT Required Template Letter to Independent External Reviewers 2022-23 AppendixD CSP Required Template Letter to Independent External Reviewers 2022-23 AppendixD PT Required Template Letter to External Reviewers
Appendix E Template Letter for Research Collaborator, Professional Client, or Other Community Collaborator 2022-23_AppendixE_CT_Template Letter for External Collaborators 2022-23_AppendixE_CSP_PT_Template Letter for External Collaborators



Each Spring the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs initiates a launch of the promotion and tenure process with a series of workshops and forums. An updated Guide to the Promotion Process and a set of new dossier templates are available in Spring.  Please view our Promotion Workshops page for the latest information about the promotion process for faculty on the career track, continuing status, and tenure track.


It is essential that faculty and staff carefully follow their departmental and college-level guidelines to ensure a seamless promotion process and a complete and accurate dossier.   

Appeals (UHAP 3.3.02.e or 4A.3.02.e)

A faculty member who receives an adverse decision from the Provost relating to either tenure or promotion may have access to his or her dossier at a time and place designated by the Office of the Provost.  The names and any information that would reveal the identity of any outside reviewers or students will be redacted from the file prior to being presented for review.  No copies may be made of any of the contents of the file.  The faculty member may take handwritten notes, but may not transcribe, copy, photograph, scan, or otherwise record verbatim any document in the file. The faculty member must sign a pledge of confidentiality in which he or she agrees to protect the confidentiality of the contents of the file prior to receiving access.

Appeals to the President must be filed in writing within 30 days after the date of the Provost's letter.  Within 90 days of the President's receipt of the written appeal, the President will issue a written decision to the faculty member and will provide copies of the decision to the Provost, the appropriate dean, and the immediate administrative head. The President’s decision is final, except in cases of discrimination or unconstitutional violations of due process.