Promotion Workshops

Each Spring, the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs initiates the mandatory promotion process by conducting the following workshops. 

2019 Promotion Workshop Schedule
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Going Up for Full                          

Wednesday, February 6, 8-9:30 am, Marley Building, room 230, RSVP here.

This workshop will include a discussion of how to document your programs of work, administrative leadership and service initiatives to demonstrate impact.  The discussion will take note of The Modern Language Association’s Standing Still survey of the career patterns of associate professors, including female faculty. 

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Making a Statement                   

Monday, February 18, 11:30-1 pm, Old Main Building, Silver and Sage Room, RSVP here.

To get started on preparing the candidate statements that introduces the promotion dossiers, participants in this workshop will work in small groups to discuss sample Candidate Statements. Candidate Statements are vital to outlining the impact of candidates’ service, teaching, and research.  They play an especially important role in documenting the sorts of community-based scholarship, partnerships, and outreach that are highlighted in our Inclusive View of Scholarship. Candidate Statements provide an opportunity for associate professors to discuss their institutional leadership and impact.

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Preparing the Promotion Dossier

Tuesday, March 12, 3-4:30 pm, Old Main Building, Silver and Sage Room, no RSVP required.

The Annual Workshop on Promotion, Tenure, and Continuing Status provides an overview of the review process for candidates, committee members, staff, and administrators.  We will review the parts of the dossier and the ways they can be used to document and assess the quality and impact of candidates. 

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Using Portfolios to Document Impact and Leadership     

Thursday, March 21, 8:30-10 am, Old Main Building, Silver and Sage Room, RSVP here.

The University’s Inclusive View of Scholarship recognizes the integral relations among research, teaching, service, and outreach.  To enable candidates to document their broader contributions, promotion dossiers include teaching portfolios, protocols for classroom observations, and an optional service and outreach portfolio, which candidates can use to document their broader leadership.  In this workshop, we will also note our support for preparing teaching portfolios.

Handouts (pdfs) Peer Review of Teaching Protocol | Teaching & Service Portfolios | Criteria for Peer Review of Teaching
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Promotion Opportunities for Career Track Faculty

Wednesday, March 27, 2:00-3:30 pm, Old Main Building, Silver and Sage Room, RSVP here.

UHAP Chapter 3 was recently updated to clarify promotion processes and possible timelines for career track faculty. This workshop provides a hands-on opportunity to learn about resources and strategies for engaging in conversations with supervisors about promotion. The invited panel will discuss some of the issues that have been raised by faculty across campus, and go over the kinds of materials you may want or need to prepare for a promotion review. 

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