Faculty Tracks

Tenure-Track Faculty

Each member of the faculty is appointed subject to the duties and responsibilities detailed in the ABOR-PM 6-201, et seq. Tenure track faculty members are originally appointed with the words "with tenure" or "tenure-eligible" on their Notice of Appointment.

Tenure-eligible faculty members shall mean those members of the faculty who hold full-time as yet untenured appointments as professors, associate professors, and assistant professors, and whose title does not include such designations as "visiting," "adjunct," "research" or "clinical." The policy for computation of tenure-eligible time is outlined in UHAP 3.3.01 (or UHAP 3.1.01.b for previous service) for attainment of tenure can only occur through specific notification by the President and may not result from inaction or inadvertence. A tenured faculty member is assured that the President shall offer an appointment to that individual for each succeeding fiscal or academic year until retirement, resignation, dismissal for just cause, or termination for budgetary reasons or for educational policy change.

For information about promotion and tenure procedures, hover over the promotion tab on the navigation menu and select promotion and tenure.

Career-Track Faculty

Career-track faculty in nontenure positions have lecturer, instructor or professor in their title. Length and types of appointments of career-track faculty members can vary from one to three years. For rules and procedures regarding successive renewal, nonrenewal, and promotion of career-track faculty members, begin with UHAP 3.1.02.

The performance of career-track faculty will be reviewed annually and their performance evaluations must reflect satisfactory levels of performance in teaching, research and service as appropriate to their positions for renewal. Career-track faculty shall follow the same guidelines and instructions to prepare their dossiers for promotion as tenure-track faculty.  

See more information on creation or revisions of criteria for career-track faculty.

Adjunct Titles
Adjunct titles are given only to nontenure-track faculty members on an appointment that is less than .75 FTE or less than a full academic or fiscal year that is not expected to be renewed beyond a single fiscal or academic year. For information about adjunct positions, see the following:

Continuing Status Professionals

Each continuing status or continuing-eligible academic professional employee is appointed subject to the responsibilities detailed in the ABOR-PM 6-302, Conditions of Service for Academic Professionals. Duties and responsibilities of a continuing status or continuing-eligible academic professional employee will consist of those duties assigned by the President. All duties and responsibilities will be carried out under the direction of the President.

More about continuing status professionals

Year-to-Year or Multi-Year Academic Professionals

Year-to-year or multi-year academic professional employees with similar titles to continuing status personnel (Astronomers, Scientists, Librarians) refer to UHAP chapter 4B: