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Faculty Recruitment

A common approach to recruiting faculty is for search committees to post their advertisement and wait for candidates to apply.  However, a new faculty hire is one of the most critical investments we make in our department and university’s future, and this passive approach often does not always lead to the best outcomes.  To ensure a diverse pool of talented candidates, search committees must proactively recruit the best candidates to apply for the position.

Guiding Successful Faculty Searches 

These guidelines are designed to serve as an organizing tool for faculty search committees as they move through the process of faculty recruitment and hiring. This document is organized into sections for each stage of recruitment and hiring. Specific actions and responsibilities are identified for the following individuals: dean or department head, the search chair, and/or entire search committee. The guidelines have been constructed with resources from the Offices of Faculty Affairs and policy guidance from Human Resources. This tool has been created with a specific focus on improving equity, rigor, fairness and reducing bias in recruitment and hiring.

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