COVID-19 Clock Delay FAQs

Who is eligible?

  • Tenure-eligible or continuing eligible candidates-only, because of scheduled 3rd year retention and 6th year mandatory review timelines per the University Handbook for Appointed Personnel policies 3.3.01 and 4A.3.01.
  • Tenure-eligible or continuing eligible candidates that opted-in for the 2019-2020 COVID-19 Clock Delay (ended June 30, 2020) are eligible to opt-in for a second 2020-2021 COVID-19 Clock Delay.
  • The deadline for the 2020-2021 COVID-19 clock delay opt-in is June 30, 2021 for candidates who seek to delay for 3rd year retention and/or 6th year mandatory reviews scheduled for 2021-2022 or in a future year.
  • Candidates who are currently under a mandatory review for 2020-2021 cannot request a clock delay.
  • Candidates on the career track are not eligible for a COVID-19 clock delay, because career-track positions do not have retention or mandatory reviews, there is no need for a clock delay.

What is the policy that covers these Clock Delay requests?

  • The University of Arizona has a promotion-clock delay policy for tenure-eligible candidates and continuing-eligible candidates that can be found in the University Handbook for Appointed Personnel 3.3.01a and 4A.3.01a. COVID-19 related reasons fall under 1.C: Other Personal Reasons, for which the requests are sent directly to the Office of the Provost via the online REQUEST FORM on the website.

What does it mean to apply for an extension due to COVID-19?

  • Candidates will be given a one-year extension to the promotion clock. 
  • The extension can be applied to the 3rd year retention and/or the 6th year mandatory reviews. This decision to apply the delay should be discussed with the candidate’s department head or director. The candidate does not need to take the clock delay just because it has been approved. The decision to apply the delay or not is up to the candidate, but should be discussed with the department head or director.

When do candidates have to decide to apply or not apply?

  • The simple opt-in will be available until June 30, 2021.
  • Candidates do not necessarily need to alert their department head/director prior to requesting the delay.  The approval of the clock delay request will be sent to the candidate.  A list of candidates approved for the delay will be communicated to the college, and department head/unit director.
  • Candidates that are scheduled for a 3rd year retention or 6th year mandatory review in 2021-2022, are asked to communicate to their department as soon as possible if opting-in for a delay, and the request must be received by the Office of the Provost no later than June 30, 2021.

Is there any reason why I shouldn’t opt-in?

  • If a candidate applies for a clock delay this year, but later decides that they do not need the additional year, they can submit a dossier according to the original timeline for their 3rd year retention or 6th year mandatory reviews.  
  • It is not required for faculty to use the clock delay; they can choose to remain on their original timeline.

How do candidates apply for an extension?

  • Tenure-eligible and continuing eligible candidates go to the Faculty Affairs website to request a one-year delay to the promotion clock due to COVID-19.

Please contact Faculty Affairs ( if there are any further questions.