Multi-Year Appointments for Career-Track Faculty

Under UHAP 3.1.02a, multiple-year (MY) appointments of up to three (3) years may be offered to career-track faculty in lecturer and professorial titles prior to the beginning of a fiscal or academic year appointment. After final review and approval from the Provost, the requested MY appointment may be offered to the career-track faculty member.

The following documentation must be submitted for review prior to offering a MY appointment: 

  • Memorandum from the department head or director addressed to the dean explaining the justification for offering a MY appointment of three-years or less. The memo includes the start and end years of the appointment and information on the faculty member's performance.
  • Current Curriculum Vitae of the faculty member being offered the MY appointment.  The faculty member must meet the requirements of Higher Learning Commission.
  • Draft offer letter addressed to the faculty member with the description of duties, and start and end years of the MY appointment.
  • Endorsement of approval or memorandum addressed to the Provost from the dean with approval of the MY appointment.

Department business personnel can assist with drafting the offer letter and submitting the request to the college for the dean's endorsement or approval. The college business personnel submits the completed documentation to Marilyn for review and approval by the Provost.