MENTOR (Mentorship through Effective Networking, Transformational Opportunities, and Research) Institute


Create a sustainable research institute that offers inclusive and evidence-based resources and training on mentoring for faculty and students.

Leadership Team

Dr. Andrea Romero, Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs

Dr. Andrea Romero is Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs and Professor in Family Studies and Human Development with courtesy appointments in both Mexican American Studies and Psychology. Faculty Affairs serves to support faculty through their career lifespan, from recruitment, hire, advancement, promotion, and retention. Through leadership, collaboration, and innovation, Dr. Romero works closely with faculty, department heads, deans,  and a wide range of groups across campus to advance initiatives to recruit, promote and retain high-quality faculty. Dr. Romero is grateful to all the mentors who have been part of her journey.  She has a strong interdisciplinary perspective and a solid track record of mentoring diverse faculty. Dr. Romero has been invited to give presentations on mentoring to undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty regularly since 2007. She has mentored many undergraduate and graduate students for their research, community work, and degree completion. In addition, she has been active in organizing peer mentoring for faculty, particularly among BIPOC and women faculty. Mentoring has been a key component of her work in Faculty Affairs including faculty peer mentoring for promotion and mentoring for department heads. She is looking forward to further expanding work in Faculty Affairs to also improve mentoring with graduate students and undergraduate students.


Professor, Family Studies and Human Development

Contact information:

Tel. 520-626-0202 


Dr. Frans Tax, Faculty Director

Dr. Frans Tax, an instrumental member of the team advocating for centralized mentoring resources, has been named Faculty Director for the Mentoring Institute.  Along with his duties as Professor in the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology and School of Plant Sciences, he also serves as Faculty Director for Diversity and Inclusion for the UA Graduate College.  He brings to the Institute a wealth of knowledge of the struggles faced by graduate students, particularly those from underserved communities. Tax acknowledges the support of many, many mentors through his academic career, which includes 25 years at UArizona.


Professor, Molecular and Cellular Biology

Distinguished Outreach Professor

Contact information:

Tel. 520-626-1186


Dr. Celeste Atkins, Assistant Director

Dr. Celeste Atkins became the Assistant Director of Faculty Mentoring Initiatives in November 2021. She received her doctorate in Higher Education in 2021 from the University of Arizona’s Center for the Study of Higher Education where her dissertation focused on the experiences of faculty from traditionally marginalized backgrounds teaching about privilege and oppression.  She brings over a decade of teaching experience at K-12 and college levels as well as a passion for mentoring to this position as she attributes her personal successes to the support she received from her multiple mentors.

Contact information:

Tel. 520-621-4209

For more information

If you have questions about the MENTOR Institute, please email Dr. Adrián Arroyo at

  • Adrián Arroyo Pérez, Associate Director, Faculty Programs, Office of the Provost
  • Kevin Bonine, Director, Education-Outreach Biosphere 2
  • Margaret Briehl, Professor, Pathology
  • Melody Buckner, Associate Vice Provost, Digital Learning and Online Initiatives
  • Andrew Carnie, Vice Provost/Dean, Graduate Education
  • Bryan Carter, Associate Professor, Africana Studies
  • Tamara Carter, Graduate Student, Rhetoric, Composition & Teach English
  • Regina Deil-Amen, Department Head, Education Policy Studies and Practice
  • Nura Dualeh, Director, ASEMS
  • Lisa Elfring, Associate Vice Provost, Office of Instruction/Assessment
  • Guadalupe Federico, Assistant Dean, Faculty Affairs, COM Phx
  • Jennifer Fields, Director, Office of Societal Impacts
  • Julie Forster, Leadership Advisor/Sr. Organizational Development Consultant
  • Karen Francis-Begay, Assistant Vice Provost, Native American Initiatives
  • Marla Franco, Assistant Vice Provost, Hispanic Serving Institution Initiatives
  • Jeremy Garcia, Associate Professor, Teaching/Learning and Sociocultural Studies
  • Ron Hammer, Professor, Basic Medical Sciences, COM Phx
  • Jennifer Hatcher, Professor, Public Health
  • Melissa Herbst-Kralovetz, Associate Professor, Basic Medical Sciences, COM Phx
  • Jenny Hoit, Professor, Speech/Language and Hearing
  • Christina Kalel, Assistant Director, Faculty Affairs, COM Tucson
  • Lydia Kennedy, Senior Director, Office of Diversity and Inclusion, UAHS
  • Kasi Kiehlbaugh, Director Health Sciences Design
  • Sonja Lanehart, Professor, Linguistics
  • Eric Mapp, Department Head, College of Applied Science & Technology
  • Judy Marquez Kiyama, Associate Vice Provost, Faculty Development
  • Robert Miller, Director, School of Architecture
  • Alice Min Simpkins, Assistant Dean, Career Development, Dept. of Emergency Medicine
  • Brandy Perkl, Associate Professor of Practice, College of Applied Science & Technology
  • Shilpita Sen, Graduate Student, College of Law
  • Kimberly Sierra-Cajas, Director Undergraduate Research and Inquiry