Five-Year Deans' Reviews

College Dean Committee Members Anticipated Review Date Report Summary
Arizona International 




College of Agriculture, Life and Environmental Sciences Shane Burgess

Chair of the Committee: Iman Hakim, Dean, Mel & Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health |

  • Russell Tronstad, Specialist, Agricultural-Resource Economics
  • Jennifer Verdolin, Associate Professor of Practice, School of Natural Resources and the Environment
  • Gayatri Vedantam, Professor, Animal and Comparative Biomedical Sciences
  • Ashlee Linares-Gaffer, Associate Professor of Practice, Nutritional Sciences
  • Quintin Molina, Associate Professor of Practice, Agricultural Education, Technology & Innovation
  • Melissa Y. Delgado, Associate Professor, Human Development and Family Science
  • Amanda Stevens, Assistant Director, ALVSCE Administration
  • Teresa Cortez, Program Specialist, ASEMS
  • Eric Lyons, Professor, School of Plant Science
  • Channah Rock, Specialist, Department of Environmental Science
  • Claire Zucker, Director, Pima County Cooperative Extension
  • London McDougal, Student
  • Tanya Hodges, Senior Region Manager, Yuma/Executive Director, Business Initiatives, Economic, & Grant Development
  • Carol Stewart, Vice President, Tech Parks Arizona
  • Goggy Davidowitz, Professor, Department of Entomology
  • Mark Siemens, Associate Specialist, Agricultural-Biosystems Engineering
  • Kristy Kinlicheenie, Assistant Agent, 4-H Youth Development 
  • Shawnda Garcia, Senior Student Support Specialist, SALT Center
  • Ian Pepper, Professor, Department of Environmental Science
  • Stephanie Smallhouse, Community Member
Spring 2024  
College of Applied Science & Technology  Gary Packard TBD Spring 2026  
College of Architecture, Planning & Landscape Architecture Nancy Pollock-Ellwand

Chair of the Committee: Julie A. Funk, Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine |

  • Dominic Boccelli, Professor, Civil and Architectural Engineering and Mechanics
  • Teresa Rosano, Assistant Professor of Practice, School of Architecture
  • Margaret Livingston, Professor, School of Landscape Architecture
  • Ladd Keith, Assistant Professor, School of Landscape Architecture
  • Lauri Macmillan Johnson, Professor, School of Landscape Architecture
  • Ashley Avila, Undergraduate, Sustainable Built Environments
  • Angie Smith, Director of Development, CAPLA
  • Kenneth Kokroko, Assistant Professor, School of Landscape Architecture
  • Joey Iuliano, Lecturer, Sustainable Built Environments
  • Bo Yang, Professor, Landscape Architecture
Spring 2023 Dean Pollock-Ellwand's Report Summary 
College of Education Robert Q. Berry, III  TBD Fall 2027  
College of Engineering David Hahn TBD Spring 2025  
College of Fine Arts Andrew Schulz TBD Fall 2024  
College of Health Sciences




College of Humanities A-P Durand

Chair of the Committee: Andrew Schulz, Dean, College of Fine Arts |

  • Sonia Colina, Professor, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Fabian Alfie, Professor, French and Italian
  • Caleb Simmons, Associate Professor, Religious Studies and Classics
  • Ana Isabel Cornide, Associate Professor, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Lyn Duran, Director, Academic Advising
  • Tyler Meier, Executive Director, Poetry Center
  • Joela Jacobs, Assistant Professor, German Studies
  • Praise Zenenga, Associate Professor, Africana Studies
  • Hai Ren, Professor, East Asian Studies
  • Isela Aguilar Gamez, Undergraduate, College of Humanities 
  • Beth Alpert Nakhai, Associate Professor, Arizona Center for Judaic Studies
Spring 2023 Dean Durand's Report Summary
College of Medicine - Phoenix Frederic E. Wondisford TBD Spring 2028  
College of Medicine - Tucson Michael Abecassis TBD Spring 2025  
College of Nursing Brain Ahn TBD Spring 2028  
College of Science Carmala Garzione TBD Fall 2026  
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Lori Poloni-Staudinger TBD Fall 2027  
College of Veterinary Medicine Julie Funk TBD Fall 2024  
Dean of Students  Kendal Washington White

Chair of the Committee: Craig Wilson, Vice Provost, Online and Distance Education |

  • Edward Reid, Professor, School of Music
  • Diana Simon, Associate Specialist, Law Instruction, James E. Rogers College of Law
  • Christopher Rosales, Assistant Professor of Practice, W.A Franke Honors College
  • Amy Kimme Hea, Senior Associate Dean, Academic Affairs and Student Success, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Sandra Soto, Associate Professor, Women's Studies, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Amanda Kraus, Assistant Vice President, Campus Life, Housing & Residential Life
  • Janet Cornejo, Senior Coordinator, Student Assistance, Dean of Students Office
  • Alyssa Sanchez, Student
  • Mary Beth Tucker, Vice President/Chief Compliance Officer, University Compliance Division
  • Chris Olson, Limited Term Adjunct Instructor, Political Science, University Police Department
  • Bruce Grissom, Administrative Manager, Dean of Students Office
  • Joan Curry, Interim Department Head, Department of Environmental Science
Fall 2024  
Eller College of Management Karthik Kannan TBD Fall 2027  
Global Campuses TBA TBD N/A  
Graduate College Kirsten Limesand TBD Fall 2027  
James E. Rogers College of Law Marc Miller

Chair of the Committee: Bruce Johnson, Dean, College of Education |

  • Albertina Antognini, Professor, James E. Rogers College of Law
  • Tessa Dysart, Specialist, James E. Rogers College of Law
  • Rebecca Tsosie, Professor, James E. Rogers College of Law
  • Heather Whiteman Runs Him, Associate Scholar, James E. Rogers College of Law
  • Corrina Eklund, Assistant Director, Stewardship / Donor Engagement
  • Christine Thompson, External Member
  • Daniel Bowman, Graduate Student

Beginning: Nov. 2021

Final Report: Spring 2022

Dean Miller's Report Summary
Mel & Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health Iman Hakim

Chair of the Committee: John Paul Jones III, Dean, International Education|

  • Paul Hsu, Professor, Epidemiology & Biostatistics 
  • Sydney Pettygrove, Associate Research Professor, Epidemiology & Biostatistics 
  • John Ehiri, Associate Dean and Professor, Public Health Administration
  • Amanda Sokan, Assistant Professor, Public Health Practice & Translational Research
  • Dean Billheimer, Professor, Epidemiology & Biostatistics, BIO5
  • Amber Richmond, Manager, Public Health Administration
  • Sheila Soto, Doctoral Candidate, Public Health Practice & Translational Research
Spring 2023 Dean Hakim's Report Summary
R. Ken Coit College of Pharmacy Rick Schnellmann

Chair of the Committee: Guy Reed, Dean, College of Medicine - Phoenix|

  • A. Jay Gandolfi, Adjunct Research Professor, BIO5 Institute
  • Elizabeth Hall-Lipsy, Assistant Professor of Practice, Pharmacy Practice & Science
  • Chris Hulme, Professor, Pharmacology & Toxicology 
  • Donna Zhang, Professor, Pharmacology & Toxicology 
  • Madleen Khamisi, PhD Student, College of Pharmacy
  • Erika Grasse, Director of Development, College of Pharmacy
  • Ron Hammer, Professor, Basic Medical Sciences, College of Medicine- Phoenix
  • Brian Erstad, Professor and Department Head, Department of Pharmacy Practice & Science
Fall 2022 Dean Schnellmann's Report Summary
School of Information




Undergraduate Admissions Kasandra Urquidez

Chairs of the Committee: Gail Burd, Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, Teaching, and Learning, Office of the Provost| & Greg Heileman, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, Office of the Provost|

  • Annamarie Tellez, Director, Parent and Family Programs
  • Ashlee Linares-Gaffer, Associate Professor of Practice, Nutritional Sciences, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
  • Aubrey Thrower, Undergraduate, Eller College of Management
  • Christine Salvesen, Associate Vice Provost, Student Success and Retention Innovation, Executive Director, SSRI Strategy Team
  • Emily Ross, Executive Director, Recruitment and Enrollment Marketing, Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Admissions
  • Gabrielle Miller, Manager, Communications, Enrollment Marketing & Communications
  • Jon Rios, President UA American Indian Alumni
  • Keith Swisher, Professor of Legal Ethics and Director of the Bachelor of Law and Master of Legal Studies Programs
  • Laura Wester, Senior Coordinator, Orientation and New Student Services
  • Logan Adams, Director, Orientation and New Student Services, Enrollment Management
  • Marilyn Taylor, ICS Planning Deputy, Associate Vice President, Finance and Administration, Office of the Provost
  • Mark Hanna, External Member
  • Parker Kiesling, Financial Aid Counselor, Eligibility and Awarding, Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid
  • Peter Scorcia, Director, Enrollment Management Systems and Communication
  • Velia Leybas Nuño, Assistant Professor of Practice, Public Health; Director, BA in Wellness and Health Promotion Practice
Spring 2022 Dean Urquidez's Report Summary 
University Libraries Shan Sutton

Chair of the Committee: Marc L. Miller, Dean, College of Law |

  • Teresa Hazen, Associate Librarian and Department Head, Collection Services
  • Jeff Oliver, Associate Specialist, Research Engagement
  • Jerry Perry, Associate Dean, UA Library Administration ADM
  • Jennifer Church-Duran, Associate Librarian, UA Library Administration ADM
  • Charley Dejolie, Library Information Associate Senior, Access & Information Services
  • Travis Teetor, Manager- Technology, Access & Information Services
  • Michelle Halla, Lead- Reference and research Consultation Services Unit, Student Learning & Engagement
  • Yan Han, Librarian, Research Engagement
  • Shaun Esposito, Librarian and Professor, Law Library
Spring 2023 Dean Sutton's Report Summary
W.A. Franke Honors College John R. Pollard TBD Spring 2028  
Wyant College of Optical Sciences Tom Koch

Chair of the Committee: Nancy Pollock-Ellwand, Dean, College of Architecture-Landscape Architecture | Professor, Landscape Architecture

  • Masud Mansuripur, Professor, Optical Sciences | Chair, Optical Data Storage Center.
  • Brian Anderson, Associate Dean, Graduate Academic Affairs | Professor, Optical Sciences | Dean Graduate Academic Affairs; and College Administrator
  • Matt Dubin, Research Professor, Optical Sciences
  • Lars Furenlid, Professor, Medical Imaging
  • Jennifer Barton, Professor, Biomedical Engineering
  • Laura Coyle, Senior Optical Engineer, Ball Aerospace, Boulder, Colorado
  • Kira Shanks, Doctoral Student and President of Women in Optics Student Group
  • Kathleen Rowan, Executive Director of Development, Optical Sciences
  • Tom Hausken, Senior Advisor, Optical Society (OSA), Washington, DC 

Beginning: Sept. 2021

Final Report: Jan. - Feb. 2022

Dean Koch's Report Summary