Strategic Priorities Faculty Initiative

The Strategic Priorities Faculty Initiative (SPFI) provides temporary University financial support to academic departments to enable them to make additional full-time, tenure-track faculty or continuing-eligible academic professionals who will enhance UA’s distinctive strengths in advancing Inclusive Excellence via equal opportunity, diversity, and inclusion as outlined in the University of Arizona’s Strategic Plan.  The SPFI program provides funding to hire faculty who were not recruited through a search with designated funding.  Candidates will be considered whose work will

  1. foster new and creative ways of involving our diverse student body in an accessible and engaged education aimed at producing highly capable graduates who will meet our state’s critical workforce needs,
  2. develop new approaches to discoveries and cutting-edge interdisciplinary research, scholarship and creative work that benefits our diverse communities and addresses complex global problems, and
  3. expand collaborations with community and business partnerships, including those involving traditionally underserved groups.

Call for Proposals

SPFI Program Guidelines

SPFI Applications for Hiring Funds and Campus Visits on UA Competition Space

SPFI Funding Guidelines for Campus Visits