About Recruitment

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A common approach to recruiting faculty colleagues, is one in which search committees post their advertisement and wait for the most accomplished faculty candidates to apply.  To some extent, we base one of the most critical investments we make in our department and university’s future on the assumption that if “we post it, they will come.”  Social science research suggests that this “passive” approach, one that assumes you will get the most talented faculty members to apply for the position.

Guiding Successful Faculty Searches
Executing a successful search for a new faculty member is vital to strengthening your department. For further information about benefits, compensation, employment, forms and policies see the Guide for Successful Searches.  

Ten Minute Tools: A Toolbox for Hiring the Best
The Ten Minute Tools are full of empirically-based tips, best practices, and strategies to avoid potential hidden pitfalls and maximize the success of your search. Use the distinct tools contained within this toolbox to find and hire the best faculty candidate available to help you build your department’s future.  You only need ten minutes or less to review each tool. The tools are designed to cover each of the major search phases and range from recruiting the best candidates to hosting an effective campus visit. Customize your viewing by selecting the tool that is most helpful to you for where you are in the search process.

Strategic Priorities Faculty Initiative
The University of Arizona helps to build a better Arizona by providing access to a high quality education that is engaged with the discovery of knowledge.  As a student centered university, the UA views student access and engagement as core strategic priorities.  The Strategic Priorities Faculty Initiative (SPFI) provides funding to hire faculty who advance these priorities and provide our diverse student body with access to a research-based education.