Guide to the Promotion Process

This 2017-2018 Guide to the Promotion Process (download here) provides an overview for candidates, heads, and mentors.  This Guide covers the promotion processes for continuing-status professionals and tenure and career-track faculty.

Dossier Template
Sect 1: Summary Data Sheet
Sect 2: Candidate's Workload
Sect 3: Dept & College Guidelines
Sect 4: CV & Collaborator List
Sect 5: Candidate Statement
Sect 6: Teaching Portfolio
Sect 7: Evaluation of Teaching
Sect 8: Service & Outreach
Sect 9: Interdisciplinary Efforts
Sect 10: Letters from Reviewers
Sect 11: Recommendations
App A: Checklist for Shared Appts
App B: Sample of Dept Criteria
App C: Evaluation of GIDPs
App D: Sample Letter to Reviewer
App E: Sample to Collaborator

From Hiring to Promotion

Promotion Policies

Advice on Preparing Dossiers

The University Handbook for Appointed Personnel (UHAP) provides policies for personnel procedures. Promotion procedures for tenure and career-track faculty (nontenure-eligible) are covered by Chapter 3.3 in UHAP, while continuing-status professionals should consult Chapter 4A.3.