Promotion Clock Delays

Requesting Delays in the Promotion Process

The University Handbook for Appointed Personnel covers the policies and procedures for requesting delays in promotion reviews for tenure-track faculty in 3.3.01 and for continuing-status in 4A.3.01. Delays can be requested for the birth or adoption of a child, personal reasons such as a health problem for a candidate or family member, bereavement over the loss of a child or partner, adverse professional circumstances that are beyond a candidate’s control, or a prestigious external commitment that detracts from a candidate’s research.

The Provost has the sole authority to grant requests to extend the promotion clock for tenure-eligible faculty and continuing-status eligible professionals, based upon good cause shown for either personal reasons or professional reasons..."

How to Request Clock Delays

  1. The employee submits a written request for clock delay as early as possible, after the event or circumstance that forms the basis for the request. For circumstances regarding personal reasons, please see policy 3.3.01a.1 and 4A.3.01a.1 in the University Handbook for Appointed Personnel (UHAP) and directly submit these requests to the Provost Office.
  2. For most cases, both the appropriate dean and the head or director must support the request.
  3. The dean will submit the request to the Provost for consideration.

    In some cases, the Provost will consult with the Disability Resource Center (DRC) 

Guide to the Promotion Process