Teaching Portfolios and Reviews

Teaching portfolios are required in all Promotion Dossiers. A Teaching Portfolio is a collection of selected instructional materials to support the discussion of teaching in the Candidate Statement. Candidates may want to refer to related research to show how the teaching is informed by best practices in the field. Candidates should include a selection of instructional materials from a range of classes to document instructional innovations, curricular designs, and outcome assessments. A full list of possible materials is included in the Promotion Dossier Template. Candidates should consult with their unit head or the chair of their review committee on formats.

Some examples of teaching portfolios may be found at the following sites:

If candidates do not include a substantive discussion of their teaching in their Candidate Statement, they should provide reviewers with information on their teaching philosophy, course goals, and student populations in their Teaching Portfolio, as noted in Section 6 of the Dossier Template. These materials provide departmental committees with context for making their assessments of candidates’ teaching. Reviewers and candidates can both find advice on the Peer Review of Teaching Protocol webpage developed by Dr. Ingrid Novodvorsky in the Office of Instruction and Assessment.

Resources for Teaching Reviews

  • The Teacher-Course Evaluation system is the University of Arizona's centrally-supported service for collecting end of term feedback from students about UA courses and faculty. For the TCE reports, Participation History can be obtained from the TCE Online Tool Suite using the drop-down menu and the TCE Comparison Reports can be obtained using the TCE Dashboard in UA Analytics (general directions here).

  • Office of Instruction and Assessment: The protocol for peer review of teaching is designed to guide UA instructors in the process of formative review of peers’ teaching, as well as evaluation of teaching for summative review. Follow the links for reviewer and reviewee guidelines, templates and other tools.

  • Section 7 of the Promotion Dossier: Section 7, Evaluation of Teaching and Teaching Portfolio, contains information about TCEs and Departmental Review requirements for the promotion process.

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