Continuing Status and Promotion

Continuing status requires excellent performance and the promise of continued excellence. See UHAP Chapter 4A.3.02.


Each Spring the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs initiates a launch of the continuing status and promotion with a series of workshops and forums. An updated Guide to the Promotion Process (web version or PDF) and a set of new dossier templates are available in May.  A PowerPoint Presentation (pptx) is created for faculty and staff in preparation of the following year’s Promotion and Tenure process.


It is essential that faculty and staff carefully follow their departmental and college level guidelines to ensure a seamless Continuing Status and Promotion process and a complete and accurate dossier. 


Each department and college establish a standing committee on faculty status to advise the department head and dean before the recommendations are routed to the University standing committee and the Office of the Provost.

 2018-2019 Continuing Status and Promotion Dossier (PDF)

 For the Promotion & Tenure dossier, please click here.


An academic professional employee who receives an adverse decision from the Provost relating to either promotion or continuing status may have access to his or her dossier at a time and place designated by the Office of the Provost.  The names and any information that would reveal the identity of any outside reviewers or students will be redacted from the file prior to being presented for review.  No copies may be made of any of the contents of the file.  The employee may take handwritten notes, but may not transcribe, copy, photograph, scan or otherwise record verbatim any document in the file.  The employee must sign a pledge of confidentiality in which he or she agrees to protect the confidentiality of the contents of the file prior to receiving access.

Appeals to the President must be filed in writing within 30 days after the date of the Provost's letter.  Within 90 days of the President's receipt of the written appeal, the President will issue a written decision to the continuing status or continuing-eligible academic professional employee and will provide copies of the decision to the Provost, the appropriate dean, and the immediate administrative head. The President’s decision is final, except in cases of discrimination or unconstitutional violations of due process.

 Non Continuing Status

Year-to-year or multi-year academic professional employees with similar titles to continuing status personnel (Astronomers, Scientists, Librarians) refer to UHAP chapter 4B: