2019-2020 Promotion Review Changes


Each year improvements are made to promotion procedures and documentation in collaboration with the University committees that are charged with providing shared-governance leadership on promotion reviews.

Section 6: Teaching Portfolio
Candidates do not need to include TCE reports in the dossier.  The department P&T committee will work with the department TCE coordinator to obtain the TCE reports for their evaluation in section 7.

Section 7: Evaluation of Teaching and Recommendation for Provost Award
Updates to this section are still underway. 

  • We want to clarify the steps of the department committee for evaluating the candidate's teaching in a memo for Section 7 and summarizing only the TCE Reports for the dossier.  A template table (XLSX) has been created for the department committee to summarize the TCE Reports each question, by year, for one course. 
  • For several years it has been suggested that departments use the OIA Peer Review of Teaching Protocol for conducting teaching observations.  Beginning for reviews in 2019-20, departments will include at least one recent teaching observation in this section using the OIA Peer Review of Teaching Protocol.
  • Candidates who are promoted on the tenure or continuing status tracks can be nominated by their peer review committees for the Provost Awards for Innovations in Teaching if they have outstanding teaching observations, student evaluations, and teaching portfolios. Criteria for Peer Review of Teaching and Recommendations for Provost Award are available online.  We are currently looking to refine and include nominations for those going up for promotion on the career track.  Please keep an eye out for an update soon.

Section 11: Recommendations
According to University Handbook on Appointed Personnel (UHAP 3.3.02C) requires that tenure track candidates under review be notified of the administrator's recommendation at the end of the department (or unit) and college level reviews. The notifications from the department head/director and dean does not relate the reasons for the recommendation.

Guide for Promotion for Tenure and Continuing-Status Faculty
This online and (pdf) Guide was revised to include advice on interpreting student evaluations to take note of research that shows that student evaluations may be influenced by biases related to faculty members’ gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, or national origin.

Guide for Promotion for Career-Track Faculty
This Guide documents the procedures for promotions for career-track faculty members with lecturer or professor titles.  It draws upon ongoing campus discussions about how to improve support for career-track faculty.  

Career Track Promotion Dossier
Promotion reviews for career-track faculty in lecturer or professorial titles now have a dossier template.  Promotions within the lecturer series are finally approved by the dean, therefore, colleges manage the dossier requirements for candidates going up for promotion within the lecturer series.  Please check with your college on dossier requirements for promotions to senior or principal lecturer.

Track Transfer Review
All dossier templates (career, continuing status and tenure) have an area for selecting a track transfer review.  Please click here to view guidelines.