Database Sources for Diverse Talent Pools

Engage in Pro-Active Searches

Time Saving and Convenient.

The databases, at the links below, are convenient, time-saving and minable resources, for both postdoctoral students who are rising stars, and exceptional faculty who are in the hiring marketing now.  Use these sources to make proactive recruitment of top-quality candidates a more feasible and manageable activity in the context of your very demanding schedule.

Most databases contain at minimum a short biography summarizing potential candidates’ teaching, research and service and contact information.  Many also have CVs available for review and download.

University of California, President's Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

New and continuing postdoctoral fellows are top-notch potential faculty candidates with a record of success advancing diversity to overcome grand challenges in all disciplines:

Previous fellows are listed here:

University of Michigan Post-Doctoral Fellows

This program lists fellows in STEM disciplines with competencies strengthening diversity and opportunity in higher education

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