Faculty Voting

Members of the General Faculty are eligible to vote in matters of faculty governance and to hold offices and to serve on committees established in accordance with this Constitution. Emeritus faculty shall have voting privileges in the first five years of Emeritus status, which will be extended for additional five-year periods at the request of the individual faculty member.

For purposes of University government, the General Faculty of The University of Arizona is composed of:

  1. Faculty members who hold half-time or more tenured or tenure-eligible appointments,
  2. Academic professionals who hold half-time or more continuing or continuing- eligible appointments,
  3. Individuals holding at least half-time multi-year nontenure-eligible appointments,
  4. Individuals who have held a least half-time year-to-year nontenure-eligible faculty appointments for three (3) of the past four (4) years and who currently hold Lecturer or ranked professorial titles that do not include an adjunct or visiting modifier, and
  5. Individuals who hold Emeritus status.

See Article II, of the Faculty Constitution: Members of the General Faculty.