About Faculty

According to ABOR policy 6-201 "Faculty member" means an employee of the Board whose Notice of Appointment is as lecturer, senior lecturer, principal lecturer, instructor, assistant professor, associate professor, professor, professor practice, research professor, clinical professor or Regents Professor or whose Notice of Appointment otherwise expressly designates a faculty position. Graduate students who serve as teaching or research assistants, associates or otherwise, are academic appointees as well as graduate students but are not faculty members.

As stated in the University's Faculty Constitution, Article II, Section 1, the general faculty of the Univerity of Arizona is composed of:

  1. Faculty members who hold halftime or more tenured or tenure-eligible appointments,
  2. Academic professionals who hold half-time or more continuing or continuing-eligible appointments,
  3. Lecturers (including Senior and Principal Lecturers) holding halftime or more multi-year appointments,
  4. Clinical professors, research professors and professors of practice holding halftime or more multi-year appointments,
  5. Such persons in the above categories who hold Emeritus status.