About Career-Track Faculty

Career-track faculty in nontenure positions have lecturer, instructor or professor in their title. Length and types of appointments of career-track faculty members can vary from one to three years. For rules and procedures regarding successive renewal, nonrenewal, and promotion of career-track faculty members, begin with UHAP 3.1.02.

The performance of career-track faculty will be reviewed annually and their performance evaluations must reflect satisfactory levels of performance in teaching, research and service as appropriate to their positions for renewal. Career-track faculty shall follow the same guidelines and instructions to prepare their dossiers for promotion as tenure-track faculty.  

See more information on creation or revisions of criteria for career-track faculty.

Adjunct Titles
Adjunct titles are given only to nontenure-track faculty members on an appointment that is less than .75 FTE or less than a full academic or fiscal year that is not expected to be renewed beyond a single fiscal or academic year. For information about adjunct positions, see the following: